Adult Care

      We care about both children and adults.  Good news for Quebec customers!  KaWaii Baby Reusable products are eligible for the Quebec Grant Subsidy Program. 

      Women's Sanitary Napkin Pack:  Bamboo menstrual pads are washable, reusable,  breathable and less irritating.  Come in 3 different sizes to cover all phases of the menstrual cycle 
      Adult Reusable Cloth Diaper: This diaper is designed for all ages from toddlers to adults. Ideal for older, incontinence, long bedridden and postoperative patients etc. One XL insert is included in each diaper.

      Adult Diaper Liner Booster Pack:  3/5 Pack to choose from. Make sure you have enough clean insert to change after each wetting. Use more than one insert as a booster for long hours and overnight.  Eco-friendly, very comfortable, easy to wash and dry. A must-have cloth diapering accessory, offering extra layers of protection