One Size Cloth Diaper


      One size cloth diapers are adjustable to fit babies from birth to potty training.  Affordable, healthy, breathable, good for your baby's skin and the planet. 

      • One Size Hook & Loop::  Easy changing, trim fitting hybrid diaper to use at ease. Hook & loop fastener makes changing a breeze for busy parents, grandparents or first-time babysitters.  Most daycare centres prefer Hook & Loop closure diapers.
      • One Size Printed Snap : Comes in a large variety of cute prints to choose from
      • One Size Animal Learning:  Animals are always fascinating and fun to learn, your little ones would love to wear it all the time
      • One Size Good Night Heavy Wetter Three-layer waterproof shell is thicker and sturdier than the regular diaper. Keep your baby comfortable at night with optimal leak protection, softness, and absorbency
      •  One Size Original Squared:  Original Squared is designed for babies who need a bit more protection than the regular diapers.  The double-layer leak proof cloth diaper is durable, highly water-resistant and breathable. Basic & brilliant solid colors are easy to match with your baby's outfits
      • One Size Bamboo Charcoal: Charcoal is known to absorb odors. The smell of a wet diaper is definitely lighter than the regular diaper, and it is slightly drier when in use as well
      • Organic Cotton Twill Prefold:  100% certified organic cotton Prefold works just as well as diaper inserts, simple, economical, easy to use.  Paired with any type of diapers
      • Swim Cloth Diaper/Training Pant:  Lightweight, stretchy, and fast drying swim diaper with mesh layer that lets fluids through but retains solids. Can also be used as a training pant